12 Kraft Extra Large Gift Wrap Boxes Bulk with Lids, 12 Tissue paper and 80 Count Foil Christmas Tag Stickers for Wrapping Oversized Clothes (Robes,Sweater, Coat,Shirts) and Xmas Holiday Present

  • $32.99

This VALUE set includes 12 Count rustic xl large Christmas Gifts Boxes with lids, 12 wrapping tissue paper and 80 Christmas stickers.
Our Sturdy Kraft Boxes are oversized (17x13x4 in,PLEASE NOTE IT IS 4 INCH DEEP NOT 2.5 INCH ), which is deep enough to pack big clothing such as Robes, Shirts,Coats, sweaters, jackets, suits and garments.
Be Made of heavy duty kraft cardboard, brown adhesive supporting tabs are included, which make the boxes pop up easily, save your valued time when packing your presents.
12 pieces of wrapping tissue paper is included, three different color( white, black and gold) and 4 of each. Each size is 20x30 in.
80 count delicate Christmas gift tag stickers are included, add a special touch to your Christmas gift wrap with decorative name stickers for your friends and family.